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2010-06-07 05:46:21 by Wardthedoc

So I'm fairly new to Fruity Loops studios. I know my music isn't perfect, nor do I have a very good idea of what synths sound good together. I fully admit that a lot of my music is hacked midis, but I admit that when I post the song, and usually throw a shout out to the person who made the midi. I'm not claiming to be a God of the Audio Portal.

Which is why I'm writing an open letter to kirbyfighter...something or other...

Kirbyfightersomethingorother, I've listened to a few of your songs. And I noticed a consistency in them. Much like how you have spammed my songs, other people are also making comments about how your synths don't merge well.

And how most of your music is pretty much just midis reworked.

Or in some cases, you just remade the song exactly as it was originally composed.

And I'm not seeing any original works on your page.

Now, I'm not saying that's technically a bad thing, especially considering I do it. But you make yourself out to be some kind of grand master of Fruity Loops. Your comments on my songs indicate that you are some kind of God who regularly graces us meek mortals with your divine music making skills.

You. Are. Not.

You see, I may be new at this, but 90 percent of my music is a lot more original than yours. I may be using a midi, but I change up the beat, tempo, and other things to make them MY songs. I know my latest song isn't exactly spectacular. I wasn't looking for all 5's and 10's. It was an experiment and I was hoping for some constructive criticism. You spamming my music for the sole sake of doing so doesn't help you or I.

In short, practice what you preach you little douche nozzle.

Doc out.


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2010-06-07 07:32:10

You randomly assign Instruments to channels
If your new, you shouldnt Do remixes.
Instead Try and play the piano,
also learn on how music is Made.
And the Do's and dont's of making a song.

Even a Newbie at music should be able to put together a decent song, even if its a Midi format.

To put in easier terms, you don't hear Dance beats/ Instrumental leads in a Rock music peice, you dont hear Hardcore guitar kicks in a New Age mix.
Etc etc.
So Currently your below Noob Status~


2010-06-07 09:07:41

my dick is feeling pretty smooth right now which is good


2010-06-07 14:45:10

And No, I am Not a God.

"You see, I may be new at this, but 90 percent of my music is a lot more original than yours. I may be using a midi, but I change up the beat, tempo, and other things to make them MY songs" None the less, it is still not YOUR OWN SONG.
If your using a MIDI created by SOMEBODY ELSE it is not fully YOUR SONG.

Second, My Songs are Not Midi's Reworked

I actually search the internet and Find the Sheet Music For the songs.

I never stated That i am GOD this is your assumption and shows your insecurity. Tell me, in my reviews did i say I am a God of Music? or rather I have graced the likes of you with my presence? NO

Things that I do are called "Re-Vamps" or Re-mixes. You Douchebag.
Im sorry Half if not ALL of this post is based upon meere assumptions from about a paragraph's worth of comment's.
Seriously You will NOT make it on Newgrounds if you take this stuff personally!
Trust me, you act as if im the only douchebag on Newgrounds, But the truth is, The actuall Douchebags are ALOT WORSE THAN ME.
Honestly, You do not know the actuall way Newgrounds works.
You should know, This magical place is what we call INTERNET,
Shit happens, be it good or bad, if you can't accept it Then LEAVE. Cause there are People Worse than Me.

Good Luck in the Future.
(by the way those comments are a taste of Future comments to come from others)


Hint: Please, learn on how genres of music are composed
and also how things will fit together......
Seriously This is nothing, People will be much much MUCH worse
so if you couldnt handle those comments, good luck dealing with
the rest of your time on this site.

P.S. Just cause you change the BPM and other statisics of the Midi composition Dose NOT make it Your Own Song. When you use the Midi, No matter how much you warp it, you still used the Midi to start with so "I change up the beat, tempo, and other things to make them MY songs" Is a showing of how Dumb you are,
Like i said it is NOT YOUR SONG sure you may have submitted it, after remixing and changing it But you Still Started with it.

Note: when i say Make your own songs I do not mean by Changing around the Midi files


good day to you, and Good Luck CAUSE U GONNA NEED IT LOLZ


2010-06-07 21:10:43

Hello there. I don't know you, and you don't know me, but I do know Kirbyfighter.

Please don't pay Kirby any heed. He and I go way back, you see, and he suffers from Autism. He may come back to this comment page and deny it 'till the day he dies, but the lad lacks the mental capacity to comprehend what's wrong with him... and a lot of things, as you may be able to tell from the way he types. He suffers from a severe superiority complex as well, and he cannot understand the fact that there are, indeed, artists better than him on Newgrounds. Again, he may try to deny it in an attempt to save face, but he really does think this way.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with Autism, but a common trait of it is latching onto things that make the child feel at peace. In Kirbyfighter's case, it is his music, which is more often than not, nothing more than him copying a composition from a video game note for note. He WILL lash out at those who offer any type of criticism, constructive or otherwise, and claim that they are an idiot, or a "noob", or something to that effect. Multiple times. It's very irritating to put up with, believe me, but it's the only way he knows how to defend himself in an argument.

I know this gives him NO RIGHT whatsoever to criticize you and your music, but please understand.

That being said, don't let Kirby get to you. I, personally, think you are doing a fine job with your songs. Keep working on improving your music (which is already leaps and bounds ahead of what that oaf uploads, if you don't mind me saying) and you'll turn out to be a fine musical artist.

I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavours.

- Beatrice.


2010-06-08 05:35:59

Noobs Gotta Stick together! ^_^ You and Wardthedoc sittin in a tree...Lololol


2010-06-08 18:13:01

Noob? What is this, 5th grade?

According to what Beatrice~n said, I think you really DO have autism.