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Artist Needed

2011-12-30 19:52:19 by Wardthedoc

Alright, I've submitted a few songs here, and that's a fun hobby, but my real passion is writing. I love it. I just finished my first book, and I can't wait to get it published. I'm still waiting on the illustrations, because my art is writing and Which is why I'm writing this note. I'd REALLY like some help setting up a webcomic. I'd write the scripts, you'd draw the panels.

The tone of the comic is science fiction. So futuristic/space themed.

If your'e interested, then contact me via message for more details.

Peace out!


2010-06-07 05:46:21 by Wardthedoc

So I'm fairly new to Fruity Loops studios. I know my music isn't perfect, nor do I have a very good idea of what synths sound good together. I fully admit that a lot of my music is hacked midis, but I admit that when I post the song, and usually throw a shout out to the person who made the midi. I'm not claiming to be a God of the Audio Portal.

Which is why I'm writing an open letter to kirbyfighter...something or other...

Kirbyfightersomethingorother, I've listened to a few of your songs. And I noticed a consistency in them. Much like how you have spammed my songs, other people are also making comments about how your synths don't merge well.

And how most of your music is pretty much just midis reworked.

Or in some cases, you just remade the song exactly as it was originally composed.

And I'm not seeing any original works on your page.

Now, I'm not saying that's technically a bad thing, especially considering I do it. But you make yourself out to be some kind of grand master of Fruity Loops. Your comments on my songs indicate that you are some kind of God who regularly graces us meek mortals with your divine music making skills.

You. Are. Not.

You see, I may be new at this, but 90 percent of my music is a lot more original than yours. I may be using a midi, but I change up the beat, tempo, and other things to make them MY songs. I know my latest song isn't exactly spectacular. I wasn't looking for all 5's and 10's. It was an experiment and I was hoping for some constructive criticism. You spamming my music for the sole sake of doing so doesn't help you or I.

In short, practice what you preach you little douche nozzle.

Doc out.

Uwe Boll PSA

2009-08-06 01:25:19 by Wardthedoc

I forgot to put this on the Uwe Boll PSA notes, but the song in the background is "Destiny Islands" from Kingdom Hearts 2.

Doc Out